The rules are standard, just as we all expect. Do not cross IC/OOC. Don’t blur lines that don’t need to be blurred. Everyone has the right to write their character, but no one has the right to god-mod anyone else. We would like everyone to play their characters the way they want. If a problem arises, we want to be notified ASAP. If we don’t know, we can’t help.

It has been brought to our attention in the more recent games that certain players with pbs are being askied to change their pbs based on allegations that are in the media. While we respect that to a degree, as it can cause people to feel a certain way, we do fully believe in the legal phrase "innocent until proven guilty. Without proof, we do not feel confident in asking someone to do that. If a pb is to become banned, we'll make a note. This may not be a popular opinion, but sometimes what we write isn’t a popular opinion either, and we want to allow everyone creative licensure. If you can’t write it tastefully, you shouldn’t be writing it.

As per usual in regards to journals, no underscores, numbers, or repeating letters that are not relevant to your character’s name are acceptable. Journals will be in character names. If you’re looking to play a faux-celeb, please be realistic in nature with your character.

Please make sure that you fill out the application as instructed. We will be requiring you to stick to the five year age limit. Up or down is completely acceptable, but please remain realistic with your PB’s age. We will not be allowing anyone under the age of 18 to be used as a PB.

Character Name:
OOC contact:
Examples: (these can be put in the dropbox)

Regarding examples and bios, we require one or the other, not both. We would like a good feel of your character, if you’re not providing examples. We want to see what you’re capable of writing, and that you’re not just interested in posting one sentence entries and calling it a day.

Examples should consist of; two narratives/entries and two scenes (3 replies each.)

Activity is standard like it is across the board. update requirements
Updates need to be substantial. Two per month, one of them needs to be an interactive post, and the other can be whatever else you’d like it to be. We would like to encourage activity between members.
activity requirements
Be active. When accepted, please make an intro post within 3 days. We will have removals at the last day of every month. If you’re added after the 15th you will only need to update once that month.
Hiatuses and Extensions will be granted on a case by case bases. We will work with you regarding whatever is happening with your life. We’re humans too, we get it.